The Importance of Goal Setting

Get your first journal here!     Goal setting is one of the major influential factors in the fulfilment we have in this human experience. If we don’t have a proper plan and we don’t have a set goal in mind, what are we actually trying to accomplish? You might say well my goal is to be rich or my goal is to meet someone. Don’t be alarmed, this is actually a great start because you have a general idea of what it is you wish to manifest, or make come true. The problem with these goals is that…they are general. The universe will act accordingly to what you say and will deliver exactly what you ask for, so one day someone may ask you what goal would you really love to accomplish within the next 3 months and you politely tell them that you wish to make some more money. Well the next day you are walking to your car and bam you see 2 dollars laying on the ground beside your car; you just received exactly what you wished for. You see the universe will work with us in co-creating our lives and will literally give you what you ask for, with faith, love, and action of course. This is where the importance of goal setting comes in. When we write down our goals or even if we say them verbally we must make them very specific because no matter how small or how large your dreams are, the universe will act accordingly to your desire. How much money do you wish to make? What currency is the money going to be in? When will this money be in your physical possession? What does this money feel like? What does this money look like? Is it going to come in cash or is it going to be directly deposited into your bank account? And most importantly, how are you going to feel when you have this money in your physical possession? These are all great questions to ask yourself when setting your goals. When we make the goal specific it becomes easier to have a more clear picture of the finished result; thus, it becomes easier to manage these goals of yours. It will help you take action and to formulate a plan to pursue until the goal is finally accomplished. Another great tip for goal setting is to write it down! The best place to write these important ideas down would be in a nice journal, which I am currently selling and will place a link to purchase one at the end of this post. Although if you’re not able to access a journal in a reasonable time and you wish to start setting your goals right now, which you should, then some sort of parchment or notecard will do. Don’t forget to make these goals specific as possible so that you can feel that you will actually have these things in your possession in the timeframe you have set for yourself. Once your done writing them down place it in a place where you will see it everyday, for example your room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Put in the room of your house where you spend the majority of your time and where you know you’ll be forced to look at it. The next step is to cement these goals into your mind, consciencly and subconsciously, which is all apart of the one consciousness. In order to do this, you must read them at least 3 times a day and say them out loud to yourself. I want you to really feel what it would be like to have these things in your possession. One more thing, remember that if we are not grateful for what we have now, how are we supposed to be grateful for the material things at we accumulate later on. Gratitude is an important factor in this process. If you haven’t started writing yet, do so. I wish you nothing but love and happiness for your life and I hope you achieve the things you set out to accomplish, for I know that each and every one of you has it in you. Greatness is already inside of you. Thank you. Get your first journal here!


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