Positively Affirming Your Future

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If you could constantly take action on something for 21 days in a row it will become a habit. All of us already have habits in action, some we are aware of and some we are not aware of. This is why my most recent upload on YouTube is an audio recording of a list of positive “I AM” affirmations. When we train our mind, well really our subconscious mind, life begins to unfold in magnificent ways.

You see through the Law of Attraction, we co-create our lives, meaning whatever we intend to create for ourselves we can really create. When you hold a single thought in your mind for 17 seconds straight, something truly amazing happens. You literally are sending out vibrational frequencies to the Universe, telling it that now is the time to transform thought into its physical or monetary equivalent. It’s similar to how the radio system works, though frequencies and vibrations. You tune into a channel such as 105.9 which is ¬†radiating at a 105.9 frequency, but say one day that station gets changed to 99.7; thus, the vibrational frequency of that channel is now radiating at a frequency of 99.7. Manifesting through thought is quite simple really, whatever vibrational field we are tuning in to, our physical body will experience and feel the energy of that particular frequency. This is why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. The rich get richer because they simply understand how to use this tool to their advantage. For example when someone says, “I’m going to get an A on this test,” they are more likely to score better on that test than someone who says, “I’m going to fail this test.” They both sent out vibrations before even looking at the test, but the more optimistic person has the advantage simply because their self talk, or vibrational frequency, which is attracting what they are saying. It’s pretty simple huh?

I hope you can take something valuable away from this post as I want to see you become a massive success. You absolutely have the power to do this, start by training your mind. Even by reading these post everyday or by watching my videos you will begin to see a wonderful shift in your life, and a new chapter will present itself in front of you.

Thank you.


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