The Impact of Gratitude

Every morning when I wake up, I make sure I put something positive into my mind in the first 10 minutes. The reason I do this is because the brain operates at it’s highest level of frequency in the first 10 minutes of your day. I give my thanks for waking up, being able to breath, being able to see, and having the ability to love. When you begin a ritual of your own, especially if it’s a spiritual one, you will have an advantage over everyone else who does not know that whatever they do or say in the morning will dictate how the rest of their day will go.

Making a list of positive affirmations and using them when you wake up to begin your day is a great way to program your subconscious mind for success. For example, when your foot touches the ground in the morning it is very important to say thank you, and when your other foot has hit hit ground you give more thanks. When your looking at yourself in the mirror stop being so judgmental about yourself as you will send out a message to the Universe that you are in a state of lack or that you do not have enough. If you are hard on yourself in the morning, your day will most likely not be enjoyable for you. You will find yourself focusing on situations and circumstances that you do not like, and you will begin to attract more and more of these situations that you do not favor. If when we first wake up, we tell ourselves “I love you” or “I am magnificent” you are sending out a vibrational frequency to the Universe that is saying I am ready for love to enter my life or I am ready for this magnificent day. The Universe only knows vibrations, frequencies, and energy, so it only responds to them. Since your thoughts are frequencies themselves, it is very important to match your thoughts will the higher vibrational field that the Universe lives in. When you have connected to this source you will undoubtably feel it inside of you.

I hope you can take something valuable out of this post because I know what it’s like to have a rough morning followed by a rough day and then a rough night. This is why I am giving you the secret to start creating the day that you desire. You have the power inside of yourself to shape and mold the day however you see fit. Just remember this can only happen when we truly live from a place of unwavering gratitude.

Use this list of affirmations now!


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