How To Speed Up Your Manifestations

 3 Different Ways To Speed Up Your Manifestations

  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Visualizations

Love is the most powerful force in the universe as it radiates at the highest possible frequency. We came from love and love is all we are. When connected to this source of power from within yourself you will begin to see many magnificent shifts in your life. We must eliminate all thoughts of hate, greed, and anger from our minds as well as our hearts, but instead fill our mind with thoughts of love, gratitude, and abundance. When we truly live from the place within ourselves that we all have, will we begin to feel and see thought transform into it’s physical equilivant.

Gratitude is another great way to connect to this source of creation and power to speed up the process of your manifestations. Gratitude helps us think in terms of abundance and benevolence which is all the universe is. As we become more thankful for all the miracles that have already shown up for us and all the blessings that were bestowed upon us it will create a whole new experience for us. Go into each day with an open mind, happy heart, and live from a place of joy. Thank the Universe every morning as you wake up, and count the blessing in your life as you never know if today will be your last.

Visualizations will create an immense sense of euphoria within you when done on a consistant basis. When practicing visualizations you are beginning to train the subconscious mind to focus on and attract what you are thinking about. In a sense, “thoughts become things” Buddha. Hold a single thought in your mind for 17 seconds straight and you will have sent out a vibrational message to the Universe stating “this is coming to me.” Make sure your thoughts are only of a positive nature and do all allow that negative voice inside your mind to hinder you. Stay focused on that which you are intending to create and experience on the physical plane. No matter what it is you are trying to manifest, you have the ability to concentrate on your thoughts and send out vibrational messages to the Universe as you creating the current life you are living at this moment whether you’re doing it consciously or not. For example if you intend to drive a new car hold an image of you and that car in your mind. Also, imagine yourself driving the car. What does it feel like? What color is it? What year and what model is it? Are the seats leather? Does it have any specific flaws? How much does to cost to fill up the tank?

Keep a positive and optimistic mind during your visualizations. When you practice gratitude and love, train your subconscious mind to negate all thought of hate and anger. Live from a place of total love and forgiveness, connect with your higher-self and be who you are. Connect to the vibrational energy field that is love, and you will begin to see many extraordinary miracles occur in your life.




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