Learn To Love Yourself Again!

We will have no love to give to others if we do not fill ourselves up with love first.

Along my journey I have been through heartbreak, grief, and financially stuck. These all put me into a state where I lacked a certain amount of focus on myself. I thought that maybe if I could get a job or if I could get accepted into a prestigious college then I would become happy. I soon realized that nothing in this material world can make us happy, we just associate the material objects with the feeling that it gives us. If we start to focus on the material aspect of life and think that this is what brings us joy, then we will soon develop a disease called “more.”

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something that you are not, is the greatest accomplishment.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

We once came from a place of love and nothing else. Do you ever wonder why babies and young children are so happy all the time? They are always living in the present moment and they do not let the outside world or the opinion of others affect them in a negative way. Children are pure, yet to succumb to the negativity and hate of the world. They know the secret to living a harmonious life, a happy life. When one lives entirely in the present moment, and is filled up with an abundance of love, one’s perspective on life is completely altered.

We have the ability to love everything and everyone, yet some people still want to live from a place of hate and anger. Doing this will actually decrease your chances of living a longer life, but then again people who hate life probably don’t want to be here much longer anyway. Do not let this be you! You are an infinite being; a spiritual being living a human experience. Love everyone as they are your mother, father, sister, aunt, or uncle. Except everyone’s flaws and begin to see the light inside of everyone you encounter on a day-to-day basis. By dong this you will start to feel the love for yourself increase, and what an amazing feeling that truly is…





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