Have Trust In The Process Of The Universe

When we follow our hearts instead of listening to our minds, we will find that there is a place within ourselves from which we are able to create whatever it is that we desire.

There is something called a vibrational vortex, which essentially contains all manifestations we wish to come true. The reason your desires have not come into the physical plane yet is simplify due to the fact that you are in resistance to that which you intend to manifest.

Every desire carries a certain vibrational frequency and when we are connected to this frequency we will begin to feel ourselves coming into vibrational alignment and everything you see in your mind and feel in your heart will come true.

Creating a list of positive affirmations that affirm your worthiness is a great way of coming into alignment with the Universe (God). Say these words to yourself in a mirror every morning as this will jumpstart the manifestation process.

You are worthy of everything you desire. You are a part of source and once you realize you are a co-creator of your reality things will really begin to change.


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