How To Beat The Worry Habit

The habit of worrying benefits nobody. In fact, it distracts you from your goals or your end target. Worrying does nothing but put us in a place of disallowement; therefore, we are unable to connect with source and the feeling of love and faith while we are under the terrible spell of worry.

If we are unable to reach a state of total bliss this means that we are thinking thoughts that are not allowing us to connect with the universe. This is a signal from the universe that you must change your current thought pattern so that it may align with the vibrational frequency of source. Once we do this and we are in variational alignment, we begin to see a change in all aspects of our lives.

Maintaining faith in the process of the Universe and how it unfolds is a sure way of eliminating those worrying thoughts that put you in resistance to perfect vibrational alignment. Also, when we wake up in the morning we have a cleansed vibrational palette. This means that the previous days thought will not affect us unless we allow them to.

It’s important to start a new day fresh as we can wake up with an open mind and grateful heart which will in turn manifest the thoughts we are thinking and the feelings we are feeling. This is a great source of power and we all of it within ourselves. When you are vibrationally aligned you will be given a sense of certainty that eliminates all doubt and all worry from your life as you are reminded that all feelings of anxiety, all fears, and all apprehensions can be healed by the angles, but only if you ask.


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