5 Tips For Meditation

5 Tips For Meditation

  1. Meditate In Nature

Meditating in nature is a sure way to help you out if you’re new to the whole meditation process. It is easier to feel more at peace when you are in nature because you can physically see everything around you with less involvement of others. When you start becoming more aware of your surroundings and how they make you feel, and you associate that with the fact that we are emotional and vibrational creatures, it becomes a lot easier to start focusing on thoughts, people, and surrounds that make you feel either good or bad.

2. Mediate First Thing In The Morning

The best time to mediate is right after you wake up. Now, I’m not saying when you open your eyes first the first thing you should do is jump out of bed, sit crisscrossed applesauce, and start humming. When you feel that you have come consciously aware that this is a new day and you are alive in it, then you can start your meditation. The best time to mediate would be very early in the morning between the times of 3 and 5. I know  some people can’t wake up around this time due to job issues and that’s perfectly fine. You can connect with the Universe and choose your thoughts at any time, it is just easier earlier in the morning.

3. Focus On Your Breathing

It is very important to become one with the present moment when you are mediating as that’s all there will ever be, unless we invent time travel. The past is not now, it is the past. The future does not yet exist and whatever you see in your mind is coming directly from your thinking; hence, you are creating your own reality. It becomes easier to access this present moment awareness when we focus intently on our breathing.  Start taking deep breaths in, and deep breaths out.

4. Using 432 HZ Music

432 HZ a certain frequency that the Universe resonates at. All things resonate at certain frequency, and you start attracting what you feel so it then becomes essential to become more aware of what frequency you are tuning into. When listening to this music you become more in tuned with your natural-self. It’s also known that 432 Hz music helps sooth and heal the soul.

5. See Yourself In A Higher Light

When you see yourself from a higher place, or as your true-self, you will begin to see life from a different perspective. Everyone needs growth, if we don’t have it we will live with regret in our later years, and regret is one of the worst human emotions to experience. When we become certain that we are spiritual beings living a human experience and not the other way around, we will feel and see that we are only made of energy. Everything is made out of pure energy, if we look at the cells to their smallest level possible (which can’t be seen by the human eye) we are able to change our lives by focusing on the way we feel in order to attract that which we desire.

These are all helpful tips to start you off on your spiritual journey. I hope you reap the benefits from mediation as I have in my life. You don’t have to live a life full of stress, anger, fear, worry, or anxiety. You are the creator of your world.




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  1. I meditate every day in some form or another but I’ve never tried that music. Must check it out. Thanks for a great blog, it’s right up my alley.

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