3 Steps To Manifest Whatever You Want

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Step 1.

Step one in the manifestation process is to practice asking for whatever it is that you want. Don’t forget that whatever you ask for is already given. Just because you can’t see it in the here and now doesn’t meant that it isn’t on its way. Become very clear about what you want and visualize what that would look like and how it would feel to have it.


Step 2.

The second step in the manifestation process is believing or holding faith that everything is going to work out just fine. Step two asks you to have clarity with what it is that you are looking to manifest. The Law of Attraction is always working so it is important that you think thoughts of abundance and prosperity rather than thoughts of doubt or lack. Acknowledge the manifestations that have appeared before you previously and associate them with the feelings you had when they came true. The most important part of step two is to feel the feelings you would have if what you are intending to create is already here. In other words, act as if what you intend to manifest is already a physical reality.


Step 3.

The third and final step in this manifestation process is to receive. Receive all that you have been trying to create. Allow yourself to enter the vortex of infinite abundance and let your thoughts flow freely without any resistance to them. Become one with your emotional self to align with your high self. When you are in this vibrational alignment, you have entered the receiving mode. It’s all really quite simple, but as humans we like to try to complicate things. Know with certainty that the process of manifestation is easy to those who allow it to be easy and it is hard to those who allow it to be hard.


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