How To Become More Accepting Of Yourself

Many of us many find ourselves looking for acceptance though others instead of inside of ourselves. This can become a big problem as trying to find acceptance through others will never give you a long term solution to your problems. You may find comfort in the moment when someone acknowledges you or when someone agrees with an idea you had. It feels good when we have other people agree with us, but if we rely solely on this for happiness we will find ourselves falling short in the happiness department because people are not always going to agree with you or like you. This is where the importance of loving yourself comes in.

When we have love for ourselves we can fully become one with our true self. We have the ability to not care what other people think which enables us to make decisions that are best for ourselves and to ultimately create the life we see for ourselves. Becoming more accepting of yourself will catapult you on an amazing journey of self-realization. With a heart full of love, joy, compassion, enthusiasm, and passion we are able to create miracles.

Here are some typically examples of approval-seeking behavioral from Dr. Wayne Dyer that we all must eliminate from our lives completely:

  • Changing a position, or altering what you believe because someone shows signs of disapproval
  • Apple-polishing in order to make someone like you
  • Feeling depressed or anxious when someone disagrees with you
  • Saying things you don’t mean just to avoid being disliked
  • Spreading bad news about deaths, divorce, muggings and the like, and enjoying the feeling of being noticed

Begin the journey of becoming your best version possible by eliminating negative self talk and limiting beliefs. You can be whoever you want to be in this world just make the decision of who that person is going to be and how they would act.


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