Why You Should Write Down Your Ideas

Now I’m not saying write down every thought you have as that would be a lot of tedious work since we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. What I am saying is that we create amazing ideas every single day and most of us don’t realize just how powerful these ideas are. Every material object we see in our day to day lives was once thought, it was once an idea that someone acted upon and took action to make it a physical reality rather than a thought.

Knowing that thoughts are vibrations we can use this knowledge to literally create our reality. Every objective that you are trying to ultimately get to or achieve contains a certain feeling that you think this objective will give you. If you truly think about it we are never trying to accomplish the goal we set out for ourselves, but we are actually trying to feel the feeling we would have if we achieved that goal. This is why keeping track of the ideas we have is so important.

Obtaining a journal to write down your ideas is a great way to keep track of all the important thoughts you have throughout the day. The lightbulb was once an idea that formed into an actual reality. So having these ideas and keeping track of them is important because we never know when one idea can form itself into a reality that benefits yourself or others. Become more aware of your thoughts and how they resonate inside of you. You will know when you discover a million dollar idea.

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