The Truth About FEAR

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The most important thing I want you all to take away from this read is the following statement. Fear is false evidence appearing real. You see fear isn’t actually real and when we come to terms with this, then we will feel a huge sense of relief lifted off of our shoulders. When we begin to change our perception of things we begin to change our life.

Everything you are currently experiencing in this exact moment is all based off of your perception of what is happening. As humans, we will never be able to experience life through someone else’s “shoes” because everyone has a different perception about everything! You could be walking down the same street with someone and have a totally different experience than them. What we focus upon most becomes a physical reality, and with this knowledge in our back pocket we are able to consciously create our reality rather than unconsciously creating it. When you are in a state of conscious creation you are aware of your feelings and thoughts because it is your emotions and thoughts that really do all the creating. Any perception anyone has of anything is merely their perception of what it is. You’re perception could be totally different to you and it would make your experience different as well.

When we have different experiences it creates contrast which is why we don’t all agree on every single matter. It’s perfectly fine to have a different view or perception than someone else. We came here to create and make our own realities via our thoughts and emotions. Have a positive expectations and you will see a more positive reality and the same goes for having negative expectations. It’s all about what you’re putting your focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t want.


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