Dream BIG

If people aren’t laughing at your dreams they aren’t big enough. We live in a limitless universe full of such wonder and beauty. We have a divine right to dream big as we came to this planet to create our experiences. Dreaming small is such an underutilization of your powerful mind. Imagination is true magic and when we realize that we can experience what it would feel like to have that which you desire at any given moment in time, we understand the importance of dreaming BIG.

Dreaming BIG simply means that your mind is limitless. What you focus upon most will create your reality. Since what we think about comes true it’s of the utmost importance to focus on only that which we desire instead of that which we don’t desire. It is easier to decide on exactly what you do want when you have contrasting experiences in life. When you know what you don’t want you then you know what you do want. Don’t limit your ability to create your experiences by having a small mind. Allow yourself to have faith in yourself and your capabilities to achieve anything you want in this lifetime by opening up your mind to the possibilities the Universe presents to you.

Many people live a life with a small mind and are in resistance to growth because they haven’t figured out that the our true power lies within. We did not come to this world to merely exist; we came here live and co-create. When you are dreaming small you are limiting yourself to the possibilities and opportunity’s waiting for you to allow them to flow into your life. Everything you wish to experience is already here. We cannot see it because it is part of the non-physical, but when we feel that this is an experience that we really can have in the physical world because it simply a vibration and when we align to this vibration we can truly experience it, then all sorts of abundance freely flows into your life.

You are the creator of your world. Think and dream big.


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