How To Come Back Into Focus To Manifest

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We all experience times where we feel sad, angry, or miserable, but we also all experience times where we feel happy, joyous, and content. Living in these human bodies, even living this human experience can throw us off track at times. It’s very important to know that you can change the way you feel at any given moment.

If you decide to think more positively rather than negatively you will experience what humans call a “mood change”. In other words, you experience a shift in thinking which then shifts your emotions which ultimately attracts whatever it is you are thinking at that time through the Law of Attraction.

Now I’m not saying that positive thinking alone will manifest your desires but it is a very crucial step in the process of manifestation. It will assist you in getting from where you are to where you want to be. Always remember that you cannot get from here to there if you are still feeling, thinking, and acting as if you aren’t there. You must feel, think, and act as if what you intend to manifest has already manifested. That’s the secret to deliberate creation.

When we lose focus on where we want to be we put our focus on where we are. This isn’t bad as it is necessary to recognize our humanness and understand where we currently are in regards to where we want to be, but most humans have had a hard time imagining  a life full of joy, contentment, and happiness because to much of their focus is on where they are now and where they are now is telling them that they aren’t where they would like to be.

In other words, you must concentrate all your focus on what it is you desire and how it would feel to have it NOW. After all, it is the feeling of recieving a manifestation that we are really after not the manifestation. Shift your focus to having it now and don’t allow your current physical reality to put you in a state of disbelief. If you are in a state of resistance then you will slow down your manifestation.

What you are seeking is to find vibration alignment. You wish to feel good. You wish to feel as if what you intend to manifest is already here. Good news…you can! All you must do is shift your personal vibration to MATCH that of your desired outcome. Believe that you already have it vibrationally which will reinforce the idea that the physical counterpart is nearby. Have faith in the process of the Universe (God) to deliver whatever it is you need in perfect divine time. It is coming just believe!

Focus Upon The Vibrational Essencse Of You. Check Out These Books For Sale -> Learn To Become Finanically Free


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  1. YES to all of that. Thanks for the reminders. ✨

    1. No problem! We are glad we had the chance to give you a spark of inspiration!

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