5 Law Of Attraction Tips

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Tip #1) Set an Intention

The first step in the process of manifestation is to decide what it is you want. You must send out your rocket of desire to the Universe so that it may be heard and responded to. The secret to this tip is to remember that EVERYTHING in this entire Universe has its own frequency. Since we are vibrational beings we have the ability to tune into any frequency  we desire whenever we want.


Tip #2) Use Positive Affirmations

Speaking to the Universe is a very powerful way to get yourself into alignment. Words are often times considered to be more powerful than thoughts because they carry such a powerful, heavy vibration. Make a list of positive affirmations that help get you back into  alignment. Use words and phrases that make you feel good. For example: I am worthy, I am happy, I am healthy, I am loving, I am loved, I have contentment, I find satisfaction in every day, I experience bliss everyday, I am rich, I am wealthy, I am loved. Use this list every morning when you wake up to get yourself back into alignment with your true inner-self. Believe what you say and act as if what you desire is already here. It is a vibrational reality you are seeking, and you are able to have that vibrational experience in the here and now. Tune your personal vibration to the vibrations of your desired outcomes.


Tip #3) Meditate

Meditation is a fantastic way to help manifest your desires using the Law of Attraction. Meditating helps with clearing your mind of thought and with living in the here and now. What makes meditation so powerful is that when you are 100% in the present here and now you are creating your future intentionally because EVERYTHING is created in the present moment. We cannot live in the past for we can never change it, and we can’t live in the future because we are creating it with every breath that we take. The future is in the now. However, we can look forward to the many blessings the Universe has in store for us. Take 15 minutes out of your day to connect back with your athentic-self and if practiced enough you will find clarity.


Tip #4) Take Action

Many people find that the Law of Attraction does not work for them. They say that they sit in their room for 30 minutes to visualize their dream lifestyle or body, but then they go sit on the couch and watch TV for the next 3 hours. They have it all wrong you see. using the Law of Attraction doesn’t take much physical work at all, but it does require vibrational work. We must all work on tuning our vibration so that it may be a match to what we are seeking. Taking inspired action will get you there much faster than “working your ass off”. You see many people have been conditioned to believe that they need to work hard in order to obtain money. Well this simply isn’t true. Rich people don’t work for money, but instead have money work for them. Many people believe that you must receive a good education in order to obtain a well-paying job to pay your bills and support your family. The thing is that most of these people are actually pretty intelligent but they were never taught how to make money so a majority of them can barely make ends meet. Sure there are many physical techniques to make money, but there is vibrational work that must be done first if you are seeking to have a large sum of money manifest into your experience. Connect with your inner-self and work on shifting your personal vibration to the vibrations of your desired outcomes.


Tip #5) Express Gratitude

Every morning, when your feet touch the floor, say thank you. You were given another chance at this amazing experience we call life. You can appreciate all that you have or you could complain about not having enough. You could be grateful that you have food to eat for lunch or you could be angry because you’re eating green beans instead of lobster. Look, we all have the power of choice in this life. In the end, it is you who makes the final decision. Choose to be grateful for all Universe has supplied you with and recognize that some people have much less than you. Choose to be appreciative of the gift of life that was kindly bestowed upon you. But most importantly, chose love or fear.


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