It’s Your Job To Create The Life You Want

Nobody else has control over your life unless you give them that control. You are the mastermind. You are the captain of your fate. You have the ability within you to create worlds. You have the capability and capacity to love, to give, and to be kind. When we live from a place of nothing but love, our lives will begin to change for the better. Miracles are real and they happen everyday. They don’t happen to most people because most people don’t have total faith in something bigger than themselves. It is necessary to see yourself in a higher-light. We came to this Earth to make it a better world. We have already created so much in the time that we’ve had here, and with the technology that we have today things are about to change at an even faster rate. With this being said, it is so important to realize that your only job is to live from a place of love. Imagine a world where we all loved each other and got along. Imagine a world where hate doesn’t even exist. Imagine a world where racism is an odd and old concept to our children. Imagine a world with no wars. Imagine a world where nobody is hungry. Every single thing that was ever been created started in the form of imagination. People may say your crazy, but if you can imagine a world that negates hate and lives for love, there is no telling how much the world can change for the better. It is your duty to create the life you want so that you are able to live freely and purposefully. Love has the power to create miracles, don’t ever forget that.


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