How To Manifest Love Into Your Life Immediately

The answer to finding true love is quite simple really. Sometimes we like to think that our mind knows the right answer, but the mind simply cannot supply you with what your heart already knows to be true. You see we are intuitive beings. We are vibrational beings more than anything. Everything in this Universe is pure energy, including us. Our emotions are our direct line of connection with our true-self. The emotions we experience at any given moment are telling us how we are responding in our inner-worlds, which create the experience or perception we have of the physical world. And since we are the creators and controllers of our thoughts, which cause our emotions, we can literally change our realities by changing our thoughts which then change the emotional response we are having at any given circumstance and at any given moment. The next bit of information will prepare you even more in your practices with the vibrational alignment of love.

The reason I’ve told others about meditation is the same reason I’m going to give to you right now. If you practice meditation daily you will begin to see your life transform. The art of meditation has been practiced by many spiritual teachers such as Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus, Emerson, and more. Meditation allows you to connect with your higher-self, with God. When you think about it, you are never trying to achieve whatever it is you want for the actual having of it. You simply wish to experience the feeling you would have of achieving whatever it was you wanted to achieve. For example, you do not wish to have $1,000,000 for the having of $1,000,000, but you wish to experience the feeling of financial security and independence. Well, meditation allows you to instantly connect with any emotion that you wish to practice and all you have to do is think thoughts that put you in a good feeling mood. Once you’ve put yourself in that good feelings mood and have been thinking thoughts of abundance for 17 seconds or more you begin to attract the feeling of having that emotion or experience right there in that moment. That is the power of meditation.

To sum it up into one simple formula the main action you need to take next in order to manifest love into your life is to be love! When you radiate the energies of love so many wonderful things are being attracted into your experience. Remember that this is an attractive Universe not a repulsive Universe, so whatever you put out to the Universe you receive back 10 fold. Practice the feeling of having love and being love right here right now. Dedicate time out of your day to practice this vibrational feelings through meditation for at least 10 minutes every day. If you can begin to do this continuously, then you will soon reap the benefits from these ancient practices.


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