How To Master The Art Of Happiness

In a world where we move so fast it’s hard to find peace in the moment here and now. Many of us are more in search of money than we are happiness, and some of us think that money is the solution to happiness when it really isn’t. The only way you will find happiness is if you are happiness! Now I know you might be thinking, well how am I supposed to just be happy? Well you see we are 100% in the drivers seat of our thoughts. Since our thoughts create our emotions we have the ability to choose thoughts that make us feel good over thoughts that make us feel bad. Your emotions are indicators of what your personal vibration is. If you change your personal vibration to resonate on frequencies of happiness then this is what you will attract into your experience. Practice thoughts of pure happiness and bliss and this is where you will begin to live from. Change your thoughts to change your life.


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  1. This is so true. The law of attraction is a real thing. The things you focus on are what you continue to attract. If you are constantly ungrateful and looking to the future to provide you with more, you will never be present and enjoy the blessing that is “now”. Great post.

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