Why Do We Hate?


Definition: feel intense or passionate dislike for someone or something

Maybe it’s because we feel insecure. Maybe it’s because we have lost something close to us that has enraged us. Maybe it’s a horrific childhood experience. No matter what life puts you through you always have the power to remain the controller and captain of your fate. Don’t let these insecurities, grief, anger, or experiences control your life. It’s always your choice to choose hate or to choose love.  It’s always your choice to choose happiness or anger. You don’t have to live a life full of misery and despair. You are the only one who can change your fate! YOU! There is always room for growth no matter where any of us are in life at the moment. Whether it be emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, or spiritually you can improve your life for the better!

Start working on yourself every single day. Take at least 10 minutes out of your day to start reading something positive. This will not only increase your vocabulary and strengthen your mind, it may also spark an idea inside of you that’s worth a million dollars. Take another 10 minutes out of your day for physical exercise. If we wish to become our greatest version we must learn to work on our mind, body, and soul every singly day. When trying to realign your soul with God or the Universe it is easier to pray or meditate in the morning as this is the time when your brain waves are still going erratic because you have just awoken. We were designed to grow. We were designed to evolve into something bigger than ourselves. It is up to YOU to change your life. Start by working on improving all aspects of yourself little by little every day.


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