Nothing Is More Important Than Feeling Good

Why Do We Want To Feel Good?

When it boils down to the foundation of any desire, the ultimate goal is to feel good. When we feel good we are putting ourselves in a place of attractive power. The Universe will present you with what you think about most and because our emotions are indicators of what we are currently thinking it is important to want to feel good. When you want to feel good you will begin thinking more good feelings thoughts. When you start thinking more good feelings thoughts you begin to attract your desire into your physical experience. Whatever your main priority is right now, have the intention to always have your main priority be to feel good because when you feel good you are aligning yourself with the Universal energies and are in a state of rapid manifestation.

How Do We Put Ourselves Into A Good Mood?

You may find it difficult at first but it is possible to put yourself into a good mood even if you’re currently in a bad one. It begins with a simple shift in thinking. You must take away your focus from what is causing you to have these negative feelings and focus on something that makes you feel good. Remember how you feel is an indicator of what you are thinking and what you are thinking is being attracted into your experience. If you are currently in a bad mood and wish to be in a good mood don’t make the whole jump right away. Start focusing on general good feeling things such as the fact that the sun rose today or that you have a heart that allows you to love and connect with the Universal energies. As you begin to make the shift into the state of feeling good (no matter how slightly) you can begin to think about more specific good feeling thoughts such as the desires you intend to manifest. When you are in this good (God) feelings state for 17 seconds or longer and are extremely focused and locked-in, the manifestation is on its way to you.

Remember meditation is also a great way of clearing your mind to bring your focus back to your desires. I’ve used mediation for over a year now and the results I obtain from this simple daily practice are incredible. I gain clarity, peace, and direction from my meditations. If you’ve never tried it before don’t be afraid to give it a try even if you may find it silly or difficult. I promise you that meditation is a sure way of cleaning up your energies to allow abundance of all kinds to freely enter your life.

Here’s a meditation guide that I’ve used to help me when I was starting out: My Meditation Secrets Give it a look!

Have a great rest of your day, love you all!!


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