Putting Your Happiness First


You see most believe that for them to be happy they first have to make others happy. Whether that be their family, significant other, or friend, they always believe that they should put everybody’s happiness before their own. It may seem like they’re doing some sort of noble act in the beginning but really putting anyone else’s happiness before taking care of your own is counterproductive. It will not only keep you in a state of lack but you will feel miserable more and more as time passes on. You’ll begin to look at your relationships with a negative perspective. You’ll ask yourself why it is that your friends or family seem so much happier or successful than you. When you catch yourself thinking like this or even when you catch yourself in a not so good mood begin to tell a different story. Start to focus on your own happiness.

Go to your Inner-Being if you seek answers because all answers you will ever search for are found inside of you. We must realize that if we are a bundle of love, joy, and positivity ourselves then we will begin to impact the lives of those around us consciously and unconsciously. Positivity is contagious! When you care about how you feel, you’ll start to catch yourself in a not so good feeling state and ask yourself how you can turn it around. As you start to focus on your happiness more than the happiness of others you will see all along it was only your alignment with your true self that was missing. When we are aligned with our true intentions everything else falls into place.


We want you to know that everything is going to work out just fine in the end. Give yourself the chance to be happy and see how much changes because of this simple alignment of energy. A mood change is a vibrational change. Since our thoughts carry very powerful vibrations it is our thoughts that create our reality. Remember, the Universe is not responding to your reality, it is responding to your thoughts.

We think that is best for you to begin to focus more on your alignment of energy with source (God, Buddha, higher-consciousness: humans have many different names for this). By becoming more consciously aware of your thoughts and words, and by deliberating choosing them you will be consciously creating your reality.

We love you and we want you to know that we are always with you. Believe in your talents, believe in your abilities, don’t be afraid to dream because it is always YOU whom creates your reality, not any outside force.


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