What Drives You Everyday?


Have you ever asked yourself why you don’t follow through on things? And even if you do have the tendency to follow through do you ever find yourself in a place where you just feel stuck? I mean you’ve run out of emotional energy weeks ago, you’re fatigued, you’re tried, and you’re just ready to give up. Ever been there? Don’t worry if the answer is yes because most of us have felt that way at one time or another so you’re not alone!

The process of building momentum is a continuous journey, but once you get it going, it’s hard to stop. Every day most of us fail to complete the tasks we know we SHOULD be doing but we just don’t do them. Most of the time we make excuses about it such as, “Oh no, I’ve had a really long day. I’m tired and I don’t feel like going to the gym” or maybe you’ve heard, “I just don’t have enough time”. Whatever the excuse may be, we’ve all used them at some point in our life to avoid doing what we know we SHOULD be doing. You see the main reason we don’t follow through with these tasks that we know we should be doing such as exercising, eating healthier, or stimulating our mind with nuritioning material such as a book and not the news, is because we don’t make our SHOULDS into MUSTS. Once you make your should into a MUST the whole game changes! Life will require a better version of you! You’re whole mindset and lifestyle must change for you to live your dreams, but the first step to getting anywhere is by following through and you follow through by making those not so sexy shoulds into MUSTS.



Here is the story of Jeni Anderson and how Arbonne helped her tranistion to fully living out her dreams! If joining the Arbonne team interests you or our products CLICK HERE

My husband and I lived a good life with our two children and two pups. We had a nice home in a safe neighborhood. We both had great careers, my husband as a physical therapist and myself as a psychotherapist. We made a fine income, the kids were fed, the regular monthly bills almost always paid. However, our ideas of how life “should be” for us and what was financially possible were in conflict. We believe in experiencing life now and doing what we love, which were actually pretty modest things in the grand scheme: playing volleyball, mountain biking, traveling a bit with the kids. But these things were becoming impossible with our mounting debt. We were starting to feel suffocated by our financial situation, with no hope of relief. Our incomes weren’t going to change, and life was only going to get more expensive.

Then my best friend, now NVP Toni Templeman, asked me, “If you keep doing what you are doing, where will you be in 5 years?” My husband and I were less than thrilled by what we envisioned. Toni had been sharing Arbonne with me for months, and I had no interest. I asked no questions and politely declined more information. I had a “real” career that I worked very hard for. It took Toni’s gentle, but persistent offering of the business paired with a large medical bill that became due for me to change my thinking. Sometimes timing can be everything in this business.

My daily motivation, Elli and Mark. }}

My daily motivation, Elli and Mark.

A huge part of my Why! My husband, John-Henry, daughter, Elli (4), and son, Mark (2).


“Be coachable, follow the leader, prioritize your business.”

If we kept doing what we were doing, we would keep getting what we were getting. I locked arms with my incredible upline Toni Templeman, Wendy Cunningham, and Kirsten Costello, and they showed me the way. I went after my goal of Region like there was no tomorrow, so I needed to reach it today! I was filled with conviction and focus, even though at times I felt like I had no idea what I was doing! In no time, we had built the Anderson Region!

Jeni next to the Mercedes-Benz.


My journey to Region was relatively brief, but I learned so much along the way. Most importantly, I realized that sometimes plan A falls short. No matter how much you planned for plan A and worked for plan A, sometimes it just isn’t the right path anymore. Luckily, there are 25 other letters in the alphabet! Turns out, I only needed the B!

Plan B for me was deciding to be bold! Bold enough to believe my family deserved better, to realize so many families deserved better! Bold enough to say yes to an opportunity I didn’t fully understand and have faith it was the right choice. Bold enough to lock arms with an incredible leader and challenge myself to be better every day with her mentorship. Bold enough to do something I’ve never done before with no guarantees, to admit that this opportunity was put on my path for a reason, and to realize that plan B could give me and others so much more than plan A ever could have! Bold enough to take the risk, to set huge goals, and to believe in our ginormous dreams!

My life’s goal has been to make a positive impact on the world. So I dedicated my life to a career path of service to others. I worked tirelessly to empower one patient at a time to live their best life. I had no idea that was exactly what Arbonne was about. Growing and stretching, becoming better every day, and empowering others to do the same!

I started my Arbonne business to pay a large medical bill from my son’s birth and maybe chip away a bit at student loans. That’s all. I didn’t see this for the gift it was. I didn’t see at first that it was exactly what I had been working toward my whole life.

Thank you to my family for your support every step of the way, especially my incredible husband, John-Henry Anderson. Thank you for believing in me!

Thank you to my father, Mark, and stepmom, Area Manager Suz Howell, and my first business partners. You are the embodiment of passion for health and service to others!

To District Manager Kayla Schmid, your perseverance is admirable and your heart is as pure as they come!

To Area Manager Kari Reynosa, teammates once again! I have always admired your discipline and strength.

To ENVP Kirsten Costello, thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement and your kind spirit.

To ENVP Wendy Cunningham, I am convinced you were put on this earth to bring out the best in everyone around you!

And to NVP Toni Templeman, I believed in you before you were the proof. Thank you for believing in me.

To all who helped build this incredible Region, thank you for your trust in me, and for all you do for others and for yourselves. We rise by lifting others, but we have to lift ourselves and hold ourselves to our highest standards in the process. I am so proud to join with you all in this! And to all who have since joined our organization, we are grateful for you, we are excited for you, and together, we call all reach our wildest dreams!



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