The Best Way to Stay Postive In a Negative Situation

Since I was a little kid, I was always known for being the positive and optimistic one. I was the one at the family party arguing with the pessimistic aunt who always thought she was right about everything. It was hard to project enthusiastic or upbeat energy onto a cynical audience, especially when you’re a kid, and no one will take you seriously. Lucky for me, I carried that positive attitude with me throughout my life wherever I went. It has helped me overcome many different challenges and circumstances that have really tested my abilities and made into who I am.

Nonetheless, it has changed my life for the better, which is why I want to share this ability with you.

You Have Two Choices: #1. You can choose to be negative and feel like crap all the time or #2. You can choose to be positive in any situation and be a co-creator of your life experience.

It really is as simple as making the decision to be positive in a negative situation. So many of us give our energy to some outside force when the real power is within us. We become frustrated or angry at the smallest things, and we allow it to drain us of our positive energy. It is so important to become more conscious of our thoughts in even in the tiniest of interactions. An easy way to stop yourself from becoming cynical or negative is to literally “think before you speak.” I know your mom or dad has told you this one before, but it’s actually good advice. Well, I have a similar saying that goes like this, “think before you think.” Our thoughts will ultimately dictate our actions, so we have to become aware of what type of thoughts we want to think. If you’re gossiping or telling someone how much you hate someone else, you are actively choosing hateful thoughts over loving thoughts. By selecting these hateful thoughts, you embody hateful energy which attracts hateful people.

Becoming more positive is not just a choice but a daily action. Becoming more conscious of your thoughts is the first step to achieving a greater awareness of what going on around you and why it’s happening. To be in a negative situation, you must first attract it. The dominant thought is like a magnet, and the law is that like attracts like; therefore, the dominant thought will invariably attract conditions congruent to its nature. Choosing positive over negative thoughts must become a daily practice in our lives. We are co-

creators of our experience and we have the power to choose what we think, which controls how we feel which dictates what we do. At the end of the day, it is merely just a choice.



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