Best Ways To Stop Being Overwhelmed

What does it mean to be overwhelmed? If you look in the dictionary you will find that it says to bury or drown beneath a huge mass. My definition is very similar but maybe a little more philosophical. In my perspective, to be overwhelmed means to be in a state of total stress and anxiety.... Continue Reading →

Putting Your Happiness First

WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON'T PERCEIVE TO BE TRUE You see most believe that for them to be happy they first have to make others happy. Whether that be their family, significant other, or friend, they always believe that they should put everybody's happinessĀ before their own. It may seem like they're doing some sort of noble... Continue Reading →

Your Mindset Is Everything

STRENGTHSĀ OF A SUCCESSFUL PERSON Having a positive mindset can seriously change the game for you. Everybody has their own perspective on things which is a good thing, but when you have a negative perspective about something you want to happen you are attracting the outcome that you do not want. When you focus on the... Continue Reading →

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