5 Tips To Become A Better You

1.Travel Traveling to new places far and wide, or short and near, expands our minds and exposes us to a multitude of different cultures, especially if you travel out of the country. We met new people, try new foods, and learn new things. When we travel we are opening up our minds to the new... Continue Reading →

5 Tips For Meditation

5 Tips For Meditation Meditate In Nature Meditating in nature is a sure way to help you out if you're new to the whole meditation process. It is easier to feel more at peace when you are in nature because you can physically see everything around you with less involvement of others. When you start... Continue Reading →

How To Beat The Worry Habit

The habit of worrying benefits nobody. In fact, it distracts you from your goals or your end target. Worrying does nothing but put us in a place of disallowement; therefore, we are unable to connect with source and the feeling of love and faith while we are under the terrible spell of worry. If we... Continue Reading →

Learn How To Become More Aware Of Your Emotions

Paying attention to your thoughts is important in the process of manifestation as thoughts become feelings which ultimately manifest. Thoughts -> Emotions -> Manifestations Every thought carries a particular vibration that carries a certain emotion. It is important to acknowledge this through the day and ask yourself, how do you feel? Are you thinking thoughts that... Continue Reading →

Learn To Love Yourself Again!

We will have no love to give to others if we do not fill ourselves up with love first. Along my journey I have been through heartbreak, grief, and financially stuck. These all put me into a state where I lacked a certain amount of focus on myself. I thought that maybe if I could get... Continue Reading →

How To Manifest While In Nature!

Living in the here and now will create an overwhelming sense of freedom and joy! When we go outside and really connect with nature we begin to realize how perfect everything really is. Everything in this entire universe, including nature is connected in some sort of way. Nature works in synchronization along with everything else... Continue Reading →

How To Speed Up Your Manifestations

 3 Different Ways To Speed Up Your Manifestations Love Gratitude Visualizations Love is the most powerful force in the universe as it radiates at the highest possible frequency. We came from love and love is all we are. When connected to this source of power from within yourself you will begin to see many magnificent shifts... Continue Reading →

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